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Welcome to the MoMuOSB wiki!


    FileDriver DRIVER = FileDriver.getInstance();  //Your Files and Config / Language File
    DiscordInit INIT = DiscordInit.getInstance(); //DiscordInit Instance
    INIT.BOT //Bot Instance
    EventListener EVENT = EventListener.getInstance(); // Eventlistener instance
    LanguageLoader LANG = LanguageLoader.getInstance(); //Language Instance


public class HelpCommand extends Module {

            command = "help", //Command
            description = "Display the help", //Description, will be shown under .help
            alias = "h", //Short Command,
            attributes = {"Name"}, //Attributes Description
            permission = Permissions.READ_MESSAGES //Permission for executing
    public boolean help(MessageReceivedEvent event, String[] args) {
        //Your Code

        return true;